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update on life.

Another month-long break from writing. Let's see.... I am now in semester two, did well in most of my courses (flunked one final and course, but if I do well on the test re-take, I can still pass the class). Am not nearly so homesick anymore, which is definitely good.

I am actually making friends, which is weird for me. I usually have a couple people I talk to, then don't really interact with otherwise. I've actually hung out with my classmates outside of school though. So major progress on the whole 'being social' front.

I am mildly dissapointed the Christmas/Yule/What-have-you break is over. Mildly because I actually like having something to do all day, and doing nothing starts driving me nuts after a while. It was nice when I took a year (?) off after high-school and up-grading, but that was 14 years of school, with... what? 3 months worth of holidays each year? Granted that's hardly a small amount. It's no wonder though, that after a year of not going and doing work-stuff all day, I was stir-crazy.

Christmas was good. Got some cool stuff - lots of games, some clothes, a type of hand lotion I like. Also a thing to play said games on - PS2.
Actually, it's kind of funny how I ended up with one of the games - an Avatar one. I had bought one a few days earlier, and my brother mocked it.
Me - "This coming from the boy who likes Spongebob Squarepants?"
J (14 btw)- "Shut up. Spongebob is cool."
Me - "Right".
Well, apparently mom heard him mocking me, or he said something to her about it. Because she decided he was making fun of me for being interested in it because it was for boys or something. So she went and bought him an Avatar game for PS2.
In my defense, I warned her. I was shopping with her and told her that he wouldn't be interested, he isn't into the show. He thinks it's dorky. It's not my fault she didn't listen.
So on Christmas, we're opening the stuff, and he gets to the Avatar one and is just like... -_-; "Why did you get me this???
So I ended up with it. lol. I'm not complaining - Mr. Cranky might not like Avatar but I do. *grin*

What else... hm. The grounding from the bookstore failed. Roommate - S - took me to the two-floor one. gah.... $68.00. *blushes* I have no willpower... T_T *sob*
On the brightside, I have the first in the "Ouran High School Host Club" series. Also, a cookbook and several Mercedes Lackey novels. So... okay. Self, grounded until February.... D brought in book-orders from her kid's school. *head-desk* At least I didn't spend much that time. Both books were on sale for pretty cheap.

So I guess that's my new year's resolution. I can go to a bookstore once a month. If it's... oh - $30 or under, I can go next month. Over, I wait until the month after next.... *tries to ignore the idea of going to this store classmate-D mentioned that apparently has a great selection of manga....*

Uh - have been talking to one of my aunts lately. Haven't in a while - she and my parents had a fight and weren't really speaking to each other for a while there. Hopefully this means things will be patched up soon. She did say everyone should come up and visit sometime...

Last bit of news... I am apparently going to be maid-of-honour in my cousin's medieval/renaissance theme wedding. In pink. *shrug* I don't actually mind much - and I can't blame my cousin. Her daughter, the flower girl picked the colour out for her dress, and Takeesis wanted us to match. Okay.
So I guess I get to look forward to measurements being taken and stuff in the future - whenever she decides for sure which dress patterns she wants for us. I've been wondering if I should go get a corset for the outfit. Not just the outfit - I actually like the look of them quite a bit. But y'know, it's a good excuse. lol.
She's had me giving her my opinions on jewelry and stuff, too. Some of the stuff you can get is really cool looking. Not to mention outfits you can find... I so need to get into the SCA thing. One day. When I have time for a life. ^_^

That's about all right now.
TTYL all!



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