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update on life.

Another month-long break from writing. Let's see.... I am now in semester two, did well in most of my courses (flunked one final and course, but if I do well on the test re-take, I can still pass the class). Am not nearly so homesick anymore, which is definitely good.

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Uh - I realize that no-one seems to read my LJ, but to anyone who stumbled upon it since my last update... I'm sorry?
Yeah, I know I was whiny. Seriously so. I was homesick and needed to vent. So that post will be put behind an LJ Cut so no one-has to see it again, and.... carry on? I guess. lol.

Um... School's going not bad? Still getting used to having to study again.
I found a magazine that had a whole list of manga - mostly Yuri, Yaoi, or like loveless nearly Yaoi. Also some Rated M. Magazine is called VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates). I think it's a reference, so not sure about availability. Still, some interesting titles to look up now.
Also? New town is evil. Evil, I tell you. Two coles, one right by my school, the other a short bus ride or walk away. Two book stores. TWO. And my room-mate says there's a bookstore around that's like two levels.... *drools*. Yeah. And not only are they nearby, they both have a LOT better of a selection of manga than the coles back home seems to. Thus, I am now the proud owner of "Absolute Boyfriend" #1 by Yuu Watase, "Fullmetal Alchemist" #1 by Hiromu Arakawa, "Melting Stones" by Tamora Pierce, and "Fortune's Fool" by Mercedes Lackey.
Also I have grounded myself from the bookstores for 3 weeks. Otherwise I will eventually be broke and have no money for school.

The central library here is also pretty cool. A pretty good selection of manga and graphic novels, and what I thought cool - they have the Courtney Crumrin series. I read "Courtney Crumrin in the Twilight Kingdom", and am now reading "Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics". Both very, very cool. Definitely on the have-to-buy list.

Not much more to say. It is currently freezing in here. We're probably going to end up with snow pretty soon. :P

Life Update.

Let's see. Lots has gone on since the last post. We got the cat home (she lived up around the corner a bit), found a dove, got it home as well (it actually belonged to someone my mom knew).
In the beginning or so of August my Grandmother (mom's mom) had a heart attack. So mom was gone every day, for pretty much all day. At the same time, I was getting ready to move, and start school. My baby brother is in high school now, too.

That was in August. I'm moved in and stuff now - today's the third day here. Not sure what I think of it. WhiningCollapse )

She's ba-a-ack!

Well, guess who showed up again? The cat from last night. She's such a cute little thing. Ten-to-one though, she's the one dad caught with the rabbit, earlier.
When mom came home from bingo, she saw her on the front lawn. And apparently the cat remembered me bringing her into the house yesterday, because she followed them to the front door wanting in. Right now she's in the basement bathroom. Luckily she's tattooed, so we can call the humane and get them to contact the owners. If no one shows, we'll propably see if we can find someone to take her.
My mom can't stand the local shelter - it's a normal shelter, not a no kill shelter, and she doesn't like the idea of killing an animal, no matter why - and to add insult to injury, she thinks the people who work there are really rude. Can't say I think much different - on the kill issue, anyway. Yeah, it's kinda hard to avoid, but unless the animal is really suffering, it just doesn't seem right.
At least there's one stray who's not outdoors tonight. She's fed watered, and has a clean potty. Hopefully her family wants her back. She is in pretty good condition - not really skinny or anything. We haven't really seen her around too much before, though, so she may have just recently gotten dumped out. Hope not.

Stray Animal Week.

I don't know what it is around here this week, but this is the 2nd time in the last 2 days that we've found another animal.
Yesterday it was this cute little cat - looked like a russian blue -that was missing half it's tail. Dad saw it under one of the cars. He and mom figure it must live around here. Was cute - shy though. My cousin and I were trying to catch it, and must have spent 15-30 min. chasing it around the block. I finally managed it, and then dad made me let it go outside, saying it'd find it's own way home. Poor thing. What kind of dickheads let their animals roam loose, with no collar on, or anything?
Anyway, a few minutes ago, dad came inside and called me downstairs. He was holding this little tiny baby rabbit (small enough to fit in my palm, which is saying something. I have pretty small hands). Apparently he heard a noise and found some cat going after it under a bush. He saved it and brought it inside, but then went to put it back where he found it. Nice! What if that cat comes back? Ugh. Now that's going to be bugging me. Wish I hadn't thought of it.

This is about what it looked like. It was kind of huddled up - didn't like being held so far off the ground. I think the little one's ears were a little longer than in the pic, and it was a little smaller. Similar coloring, though - the winter coat was going.
This bunny looks closer in age. The second pic down looks a lot like it.
I just hope the parents find it before another cat or a bird of prey.

Been lazy.... again.

Back again. Not much to say, as usual. Maybe a couple of fic reccommends, and book recs as well.

Let's see. Start with the pit, I suppose.
Skysaber and her story "The Wizard of Gotham" is a good pace to start. It's a recent find, and I thought it was really cute. Has chibi-Harry being more-or-less adopted by Poison Ivy.

Twinheart is another new author find. Her stories are re-writes of the Harry Potter books. She's just getting into the 2nd book now.

La Societe des Femmes Dangereuses is an HP Fiction site. I'd particularly reccommend Anna's stories, especially "Roman Holiday", "Jewel of the Nile" and "Last Tango in Paris."

Next is a journal link. The author's name is Ciceqi. She writes a lot of FF7 fanfic, which is mostly what I read. However she also has a lot of terrific vagrant story fanfic, as well as fullmetal alchemist. She doesn't write in the latter two fandoms as often as the first though.

Her live journal
Her InsaneJournal

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Can't think of much else to write, so I guess I'll leave off.


Just thought this was interesting. Was sitting here, reading, when I heard this noise - I figured it was a bird, but to me it sounded off. Whatever it was, it was really close. lol. I didn't think much of it, and went back to reading.
Then I heard it again. This time I figured someone had some type of machine outside, that was beeping outside. So I look out the window - and there's this cute little bird, all gloss black, except for the head and neck with are a (chestnut-y?) brown colour.
It wasn't actually all that hard to find out what it was at least. Just typed in black, brown head bird, saskatchewan. The best match description was the brown-headed cowbird. Judging from the pictures I found, it looks about right. lol.

Pic 1

Not anything exciting, I guess. I thought it was cool, though. It made the weirdest noise, though, like a mix of a chirp and a mechanical beep, in 3 tones. Cute little guy, though. Propably hoping to find a girlfriend. ^_^
'Nother book reccommend - Wicca again. Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway. I borrowed it from my cousin, years ago. It's got a lot of info on herbs in relation to the druids, and a poem I've always liked, as well.

The second is The Girl's Guide to Tarot by Kathleen Olmstead. It's interesting and seems to have alot of good information. It's got lots of different spreads, as well.
Not much more to add, so I'll let off now.


Two in one month... A blue moon coming up?

Just a fanfic reccommend today. Don't like slash, don't read it. Like Ron and Hermione? Definitely don't read it. It doesn't particularly paint them in a good light, I'm afraid.

In case you haven't already guessed, the stories are Hp fanfiction, both by the same author, DragonGirl16.
I'd probably reccommend any of her stories, but mainly I'm talking about her two main ones. They're easy to pick out - the two from the top, and definitely the lonests.
The first story is Faith, a Harry/Draco story that takes place after fourth year, and the summer of the tri-wizard tournament. Harry returns to the wizarding world, only to find that nearly everyone - including his best friendss - have begun to buy into the articles written by Rita Skeeter, which claim he's insane, and a death eater in training. Eventually he's re-sorted into Slytherin, and gains new allies - including the Celtic Goddess Morrigan.
The second story is To Walk a Narrow Path, the sequel to Faith. It again focuses on Harry, and his further involvement with the old gods, and attempts to control his new 'gift', and heal from the events of the prior year. Unfortunatly a new - and very old - enemy has awoken, and an entire villages are being wiped out.

Both stories are personal favourites, and one aspect I like is the interweaving of mythology with the plot. I also learnt a fair amount about the Celtic deities - mainly because every time a new name popped up I'd either be accessing the Encyclopedia Mythica, or the Godchecker, trying to figure out who they were and what they were 'in charge' of, for lack of a better term.

That's about all for now, I suppose.


'Lo all. lol. Long time no see? Or hear/read, I suppose....

Major news as of late:

We got a kitten! A little tortie, named Echo. She's about 9-10 weeks old now, but we got her at 7 weeks from one of my cousins. She's a cute little thing.
Getting into everything, though. She's already been nic-named 'little monster', and 'heathen'. lol. She's like a little kid, in a lot of ways. It's best to keep an eye on her, or she'll be into something. And she prefers toys that cost nothing (paper balls, soda bottle caps) to the jingle balls we bought her.
Luckily we haven't had any trouble with her and the dog. They already adore each other. It's cute. They cuddle up together, and play all the time. We have to watch when letting Bella (the dog) out to potty, though, because Echo tries to go out right behind her.
Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up soon.

That's about it as far as news goes, unfortunately. lol. My computer had gotten a virus a while ago, and I just got it back, so I'll be busy trying to find all my favourite sites. Luckily many were on my parent's computer, and I managed to jot some down before I had to hand the 'comp in to get fixed. Even better, I've got a burner now, so I won't have to go into hysterics next time the comp threatens to die, over all my info being lost. lol.

I did get to the library earlier this week, so I do have several book recs.

Might as well start with fiction, first:

1)The Goddess Series by Alicia Fields
These are basically historical fiction/romance. But don't let the romance classification turn you off! They're really quite good, and definitely worth the read. There are three books in the series:
~The first, Persephone's Tale: Love Underground
~The second, Aphrodite's Tale: Fatal Attraction
and ~The third, Athena's Tale: All's Fair in Love and War .

More info...Collapse )
2) More books by Mercedes Lackey, specifically
~The Wizard of London and
~The Gates of Sleep
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3) Also is The Cat Who... series, by Lilian Jackson Braun.
I have three of her titles out, my favourite being The Cat Who Saw Stars, and would reccommend most of her series to anyone who likes mystery noves, or books about animals.

4) And, of course, I have several (as in 7) books out by MaryJanice Davidson. As I think I've reccommended her before, I'll stick with the newest reads:
~The Royal Pain, the second of three books (to date) in her 'Royals series' - it's the sequel to The Royal Treatment, and
~Sleeping with the Fishes, which introduces her newest character...
Fred, the mermaid. lol. Don't let her name put you off - it's a terriffic book, and had me laughing within the first few sentences.

As far as nonfiction goes, I only had three - two on Wicca:
~Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic by Phyllis Curott and
~The Real Witches' Craft by Kate West
And one book on crochet for beginners, which seems quite helpful, so far.
Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read everything yet - just got as far as the chainstitch, in the crochet book (am having one hell of a time trying to figure out the next stitch - double crochet?), and have only gotten about half-way through Witch Crafting, which so far seems to be really good. It has a lot of information, and practices for someone at any level, beginner to advanced.

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. Hopefully I won't take as long to update next time.