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'Lo all. lol. Long time no see? Or hear/read, I suppose....

Major news as of late:

We got a kitten! A little tortie, named Echo. She's about 9-10 weeks old now, but we got her at 7 weeks from one of my cousins. She's a cute little thing.
Getting into everything, though. She's already been nic-named 'little monster', and 'heathen'. lol. She's like a little kid, in a lot of ways. It's best to keep an eye on her, or she'll be into something. And she prefers toys that cost nothing (paper balls, soda bottle caps) to the jingle balls we bought her.
Luckily we haven't had any trouble with her and the dog. They already adore each other. It's cute. They cuddle up together, and play all the time. We have to watch when letting Bella (the dog) out to potty, though, because Echo tries to go out right behind her.
Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up soon.

That's about it as far as news goes, unfortunately. lol. My computer had gotten a virus a while ago, and I just got it back, so I'll be busy trying to find all my favourite sites. Luckily many were on my parent's computer, and I managed to jot some down before I had to hand the 'comp in to get fixed. Even better, I've got a burner now, so I won't have to go into hysterics next time the comp threatens to die, over all my info being lost. lol.

I did get to the library earlier this week, so I do have several book recs.

Might as well start with fiction, first:

1)The Goddess Series by Alicia Fields
These are basically historical fiction/romance. But don't let the romance classification turn you off! They're really quite good, and definitely worth the read. There are three books in the series:
~The first, Persephone's Tale: Love Underground
~The second, Aphrodite's Tale: Fatal Attraction
and ~The third, Athena's Tale: All's Fair in Love and War .

The author decided, instead of writing about the characters as 'all powerful deities' and the like, to portray them as mortal women. It's kind of looking at how the classic myths might have evolved over time from tales of ordinary women. It's definitely a new take on things (to me at any rate).

I can't exactly remember the details of Persephone's Tale, but it's set on an secluded island in Greece. There's more information on the setting, and background in the foreword of the story. I'm afraid you'll have to look this one up yourself to get more information.

The second book, Aphrodite's Tale is set before, during and after the Trojan war, mostly on a farm in greece. And, consistant with the myth, she supposedly has a hand in causing the Trojan war, though there are supposedly several other factors.

The third book, Athena's Tale is set during the tale of Athens' founding, and the battle between Poseidon and Athena - in this case a battle over the crown.

BTW - Supposedly Alicia Fields is a pseudonym - Elysian Fields? There is a complete lack of info on the author, and unfortunately, no website! For more info on the series, however here is a good review site for Persephone's Tale.

2) More books by Mercedes Lackey, specifically
~The Wizard of London and
~The Gates of Sleep

Both books are set in her elemental series, which you may know from her take on Cinderella, Phoenyx and Ashes. Both are set in an earlier period during the Victorian era (though I'm not sure it's the same period...). The wizard of london also cotains some familiar characters from some of Ms. Lackey's short stories featured, I believe, in Werehunter (yet another book worth reading).
Those characters being, Sarah, Nan, and Sarah's remarkable parrot, Grey (among others).

3) Also is The Cat Who... series, by Lilian Jackson Braun.
I have three of her titles out, my favourite being The Cat Who Saw Stars, and would reccommend most of her series to anyone who likes mystery noves, or books about animals.

4) And, of course, I have several (as in 7) books out by MaryJanice Davidson. As I think I've reccommended her before, I'll stick with the newest reads:
~The Royal Pain, the second of three books (to date) in her 'Royals series' - it's the sequel to The Royal Treatment, and
~Sleeping with the Fishes, which introduces her newest character...
Fred, the mermaid. lol. Don't let her name put you off - it's a terriffic book, and had me laughing within the first few sentences.

As far as nonfiction goes, I only had three - two on Wicca:
~Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic by Phyllis Curott and
~The Real Witches' Craft by Kate West
And one book on crochet for beginners, which seems quite helpful, so far.
Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read everything yet - just got as far as the chainstitch, in the crochet book (am having one hell of a time trying to figure out the next stitch - double crochet?), and have only gotten about half-way through Witch Crafting, which so far seems to be really good. It has a lot of information, and practices for someone at any level, beginner to advanced.

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. Hopefully I won't take as long to update next time.


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