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Been lazy.... again.

Back again. Not much to say, as usual. Maybe a couple of fic reccommends, and book recs as well.

Let's see. Start with the pit, I suppose.
Skysaber and her story "The Wizard of Gotham" is a good pace to start. It's a recent find, and I thought it was really cute. Has chibi-Harry being more-or-less adopted by Poison Ivy.

Twinheart is another new author find. Her stories are re-writes of the Harry Potter books. She's just getting into the 2nd book now.

La Societe des Femmes Dangereuses is an HP Fiction site. I'd particularly reccommend Anna's stories, especially "Roman Holiday", "Jewel of the Nile" and "Last Tango in Paris."

Next is a journal link. The author's name is Ciceqi. She writes a lot of FF7 fanfic, which is mostly what I read. However she also has a lot of terrific vagrant story fanfic, as well as fullmetal alchemist. She doesn't write in the latter two fandoms as often as the first though.

Her live journal
Her InsaneJournal

For Hm. An even longer list. lol. Have several Diane Wynn(e?) Jones out - Howl's moving castle, Witch Week, Fire and Hemlock, the Homeward bounders. Haven't read Howl yet, but I enjoyed the others - though Fire and Hemlock was a bit odd.

I have Ella Enchanted out by Gail Carson Levine, as well. I can't wait to read Fairest, the 'sequel'. It's set in the same series, at any rate. Lucinda, making trouble again.
I have another of her books out as well that I haven't read yet - The Two Princesses or Bamarre. It looks interesting, as well.

Can't think of much else to write, so I guess I'll leave off.


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